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Custom Skates

Regular price $390.00


What kind of shoes can I use?

     We are able to build custom skates from vans, Jordans (most sneakers), combat boots, Doc Martens, Cowboy boots, etc. The sole of the shoe must be flat. If you have any questions regarding the type of shoe you are trying to build please contact us via phone during our hours of operation or reach out to Olivia@kindatl.com. 

What kind of plate/wheels will be put on my skates?

     All skates will be fit with a Sure Grip Rock nylon plate, Red’s bearings, and your choice of wheels. Team Roller Bones are the selection of indoor wheels we offer for the custom setup and Radar Energy wheels are our outdoor wheel selection.

     All of the parts and labor are included in the price of $390. After purchasing please email Olivia@kindatl with the heading Custom Skates with the boot/shoe you are sending in and your choice of wheels (pictured).

How do I send you my shoes?

Customer is in charge of paying for shipping of the shoes to Skate Escape. 

Please ship to the address

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Suite CS290, Atlanta, GA 30308

How long is the turnaround time?

Skates will be return shipped to the customer within 15 business. Skate Escape will cover return shipping to customer. 

Please call 404-630-4780 or email Olivia@kindatl.com with any questions